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Pocket Pry Bar

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A good all-rounder tool, these pry bars are hardened steel which allows them to double as a chisel/wedge. So apart from prying open paint cans and scraping back finishes, you can hammer it into wood for splitting up kindling.

Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating, think paint but tougher. It can be damaged or scratched off (accidents happen) however with some care only contact areas should show sign of stress and, as it's brass underneath any wear will give you one very unique looking piece.

OC Orange has some coating 'imperfections', giving the peppered look that the name is derived from (pic attached).

Material: Hardened 4140 steel
Length: 100mm
Diameter: 10mm
Coating: Cerakote
Carriage: Stainless Steel Low Profile Clip


We do not guarantee or cover the Cerakote coating of the pen, normal wear and tear will change the appearance of the pen over time. Any questions just ask.
More info about Cerakote can be found at our coaters page, http://www.iceng.com.au/services/cerakote/