MIG BFP (Basic Fountain Pen) in Brass

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Back in 2015 we made our first fountain pen, it worked but wasn't refined enough to sell. 4yrs later we decided to revisit the idea and here we are.
Small but not fiddly, weighty but not heavy, we believe our Basic Fountain Pen (BFP) is great for both pocket carry and the boardroom.
The nib is a Stainless Steel Schmidt FH241, it writes nicely and effortlessly. It can be easily changed out with other similar sized nibs if you choose.

We chose to not have the cap post on the rear as having exposed threads on the rear would rub/cut into your hand when writing.

Each fountain pen comes with a Schmidt K5 converter as-well as a single black Lamy T10 cartridge.

Material: Brass
Diameter: 11mm
Length Capped: 130mm
Length Uncapped: 120mm
Weight: 60g
Nib: Schmidt FH241s
Ink: Schmidt K5 Converter or Cartridges (Lamy T10 and smaller)

Brass is a metal that patinas, it will darken over time but that is what makes it so popular. You can re-polish it with minimal effort, contact if you need help.