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MIG Bolt Pen (Brass with Stainless Steel Holey Knurled Sleeve)

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Sleeved pens are our own unique way of having a customised grip section on your MIG pen. Pens can be retro fitted to take sleeves, you just need to send it back in and pay for the time involved.

Our bolt action pens are designed with minimalism in mind. As they're one of the slimmest full sized bolt action pens available, they'll disappear into your pocket thanks to our deep carry clip.

All main working parts are made in South Australia, including the springs which we outsourced to a local spring maker.

Material: Brass
Finish: Stainless Steel Holey Knurled Sleeve
Diameter: 10mm
Length: 125mm

Brass is a metal that patinas, it will darken over time but that is what makes it so popular. You can re-polish it with minimal effort, contact if you need help.