MIG Bolt Pen (Titanium) - Customers Choice Finish

Regular price $150.00

Grooved, smooth, fully blued, partially or plain Jane.... The decision is yours in this latest batch of Titanium Bolt Pens.
After you order I'll liaise with you via FB or email as to how you want it finished up. The pics show previous builds and give a good idea of what is possible. 

There is no knurling on this batch.

Included: 1 x MIG Bolt Pen (Titanium)
                1 x EDC Case (including a surprise product inside)

Price includes Express Postage.

Our bolt action pens are designed with minimalism in mind. As they're one of the slimmest full sized bolt action pens available, they'll disappear into your pocket thanks to our deep carry clip.

All main working parts are made in South Australia, including the springs which we outsourced to a local spring maker.

Material: Titanium (Gr2)
Diameter:  9.5mm
Length: 125mm