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The CAB Axe is made to be used in the backyard, the bush and the battlefield. Standing for Camping and Breaching, the CAB Axe uses German D2 steel crafted by Taiwanese robots to get the job done. It’s designed and tested in Australia (by British descendants) and transported around by the Dutch in an American Aircraft.

The cutting edge is perfect for chopping, slicing and battening while the rear pry spike is designed for breaking, puncturing and levering.
A spur can be found just in-front of the rear pry spike, this acts as a fulcrum when prying and helps protect the cutting edge during the majority of breaching tasks.
Black traction coating covers the steel, it can take a lot of punishment but will smooth or wear down with use so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t look unblemished after cutting down a tree.

The four grippy G-10 handles are easily removed with hex screws. This allows owners to change their handles out easily and for aftermarket modders to add their own scales to the CAB Axe, make the most out of those offcuts!
At the bottom of the handle is a slot to allow for attaching a lanyard, rope or carabiner. With some careful swings you could put it over a branch and raise your food/kill (attached to a rope) out of the way of predators. Don’t unleash your inner ninja and try to use it as a grappling hook, broken backs aren’t fun for anyone.

The CAB Axe is a great addition to anyone’s toolkit, no matter what their intended purpose is for it. Use it, enjoy it and be safe.
A MIG product made in collaboration with Iron Woods Designs.


  • Overall Length: 330mm (12.99”)
  • Max Width: 175mm (6.88”)
  • Material: D2 (Bohler K110)
  • Finish: Black traction coating
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Weight: 840 g (29.98oz)
  • Sheath: Molle compatible
  • Made in: Taichung, Taiwan

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