Mini MIG Bolt Pen (Copper) - Shine

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Essentially just the more compact version of our standard copper bolt action pens, the Mini MIG is one of the smallest and slimmest clipped bolt action pens in the world.

All main working parts are made in South Australia, including the springs which we outsourced to a local spring maker. All pens are slightly different due to being hand made, so no two are truly identical.

Material:  Copper
Diameter: 9.5mm
Length: 90mm
Refill: Lamy M22F (black)
Finish: Shine

Copper is a metal that patinas, it will darken over time but that is what makes it so popular (as in pics)
. You can re-polish it with minimal effort, contact if you need help.  

Not all pens will appear exactly the same and sometimes porosity in the raw metal means there's a chance of very minor imperfections in the pens texture.