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Tan and OD Green Bolt Pen

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Tan with Olive Drab Green parts over the top of our Brass Bolt Pens.

Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating, think paint but tougher. It can be damaged or scratched off (accidents happen) however with some care only contact areas should show sign of stress and, as it's brass underneath any wear will give you one very unique looking pen.

Our bolt action pens are designed with minimalism in mind. As they're one of the slimmest full sized bolt action pens available, they'll disappear into your pocket thanks to our deep carry clip. 

All main working parts are made in South Australia, including the springs which we outsourced to a local spring maker. The Bolt and Clip are stainless steel underneath the Cerakote, the internal barrel is brass.

Material: Brass
Coating: Tan and OD Green Cerakote
Diameter: 10mm
Length: 125mm

We do not guarantee or cover the Cerakote coating of the pen, normal wear and tear will change the appearance of the pen over time. Any questions just ask.
More info about Cerakote can be found at our coaters page, http://www.iceng.com.au/services/cerakote/