Australian Designs

From the bush to the boardroom, MIG products are always in their element. Our utilitarian designs balance strength, elegance and ease of use into timeless pieces that will last generations.

Product Snapshots
  • Father and Son Team

    My Dad and I started MIG in 2015 with an aim to provide quality, robust metal items at affordable prices. We're now Australia's leading pen manufacturer with a growing international following.

  • Military Working Dog (MWD) Mig

    MIG is both Marks Innovative Gear and also the name of MWD Mig (retired). MWD Mig was a German Shepherd who I had the pleasure of being partnered with and lucky enough to retire. His likeness is found on our logo.

  • Our Assurance

    Our products will be hand-me downs from generation to generation. We have warranty and free touch up service, we'll work with you to remedy any faults.

    We always strive to make our products strong and faithful, the same way MWD Mig served. 

  • Postage

    We post everywhere, just not everyday. As MIG is a side business, we can only promise to post as soon as practicable so please be patient with us and get in touch if you have an urgent timeline to work with.

Hands-on Process